super simlove tactics

DAY 001 (01/09/2021)


So Super Simlove Tactics is a cool little game that I was meant to start working on a couple months ago but I was too busy with other projects and university. I'm working on it with @ProscuittoMan on the art, @POSTELVIS on the music, and probably others as we progress through development. We plan on making this a full release on Steam with a demo up on Newgrounds. I really want to make this game at a professional level, I'm talkin' key rebindings, multiple language support, all that jazz. When I released Blue Boy: Bleeding Out last year I was happy with it being my first commercial release but the game itself wasn't amazing. I mean, I thought the gameplay, art, and audio was really solid. But yeah idk, it could've been better. I was using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 to make that, this time around I'm using Unity so I have high hopes for this will turn out.

What did I actually do today?

I spent the whole day just getting a custom font to work. That's legit all I managed to do today lol.

A mock up that ProscuittoMan made with some random font
In-game with a custom font

Now that I've figured out how to get a custom font working we've decided we're going to use the Silver font which you should check out, it's super neat. I don't actually know if it'll be small enough to work with our resolution but I really hope it is, especially considering that it has so many different languages.

DAY 002 (03/09/2021)

I completely forgot how I got the custom font to work, an hour later and we now have the Silver font working baby!

A mock up that ProscuittoMan made with some random font
In-game with the Silver font

Controller Support

I spent most of the day learning how to implement Unity's new input system so that we can easily add controller support and rebindable controls to the game. It was dope! I've already got it working with an Xbox One controller and adding extra controllers will take less than 10 minutes.

Character Select Screen

Once I got all that working I started making the character select screen based off the mock up. I plan to spend tomorrow finishing it.

DAY 003 (07/09/2021)

So @Stepford bought me Factorio and I've been too obsessed with playing that to work on this lol (which is what I feared would happen, I LOVE big management sims). Today I finally took a little break from it to work on this again. Quiet day today, just cleaned some code and worked on some behind the scenes stuff. Got hue shifting implemented so that was dope. Something about it looks a little off though so I'm going to play around with it later. Actually lol, as I'm writing this I think I figured out what, the colours should maybe be brighter. I'll change this later, also the player will probably end up being able to customize this in the full game. I want this game to have a lot of accessibility options. That pretty much wraps up work on the character select screen for the time being, now onto the fun stuff... Working on the basic gameplay mechanics.