DAY 001 (01/01/2021)

I've been starting way too many projects while learning Unity so I decided to sit down and plan something I could actually finish fairly quickly. I thought remaking Basically Warzone in 3D would be easy and cool enough to do.

DAY 002 (02/01/2021)

Made the character controller, basic AI, and the Gulag level

DAY 003 (03/01/2021)

Nothing too cool today. Ported the code (from GML to C#) that I wrote for the fake game loading screen to keep this version faithful to the original which was cool. Also figured out how to use sprites as text with TextMeshPro for the font of the loading numbers.

Changed the resolution to match the OG (480 x 270)

Added the main menu

Added the splashscreen

Added the fake game loading screen

Added the plane fly in

DAY 004 (17/01/2021)

I got busy and didn't keep up with adding to this daily. It's currently the 13th of April, 2021 and I'm revisiting this to finish this devlog. I had a Trello board I used to track what I did every day so that's where everything will be coming from. As you can see from this screenshot, I didn't get much done on the 17th.

DAY 005 (18/01/2021)

Not much today. I fixed some stuff that wasn't right with the inside plane scene. After that I started working on adding in the plane jump scene. After getting all the audio done for that I spent the rest of my time tweaking stuff before calling it a day.

DAY 006 (19/01/2021)

I got a bit more done today. I ported some more code, and got fade out transitions working. After that I started work on the parachuting, this was the first thing I actually had to figure out, as opposed to just bringing over from the original. I spent a while figuring out how to switch between freefall and parachuting. In the end I just had a separate script for each state and switched between the two, I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it but it worked. Getting the parachuting to feel good enough took some time but after that I made it so you would die on impact if you didn't pull the parachute at all. Also I couldn't be bothered making the player spawn at various points above the island so I just made the island randomly rotate each time you jumped (think smarter not harder lol). Then I finished off with making some little hills in Blender which look like ravioli now that I think about it (I'm new to Blender so forgive me lol).

DAY 007 (20/01/2021)

Not much to write about today. I added AI for the island and spent ages tweaking them (peep the gif below of them spawning). After that I went back into Blender to make the island which also looks a bit like ravioli lol. I finished off the day by getting a water shader working. I had a flat blue plane for the water and had the shader make it appear to wobble. I tried to take a good screenshot in-game to show off but I kept getting shot at, this is because I couldn't be bothered opening the game in Unity. You can hopefully see in the screenshot how the water looks a bit wobbly, if not just play the game and check it out.

DAY 008 (22/01/2021)

Last time I just got some AI walking around the island towards the player. Today I got the AI to shoot at and try killing the player! To do this I also had to give the player health and work on a losing screen. After getting all that done I gave the enemies health and made it so the player could shoot at and kill the enemies too!

DAY 009 (04/02/2021)

Today I added in the hills that I made in Blender and "textured" them (I don't know how to UV map in Blender so I just applied a texture in Unity). After this I added a script that checked when all the enemies on the island had been killed, so the sniper could spawn.

DAY 010 (05/02/2021)

Worked on the sniper enemy today. I made the sniper sit idle until the player see's them. Once the sniper is seen they one-shot the player. After that I had a bathroom break and played Chess for about an hour, then I had a snack and played Chess, then I worked on the general enemy AI a bit before having dinner and playing more Chess. I then finished off the night by giving the enemies a bigger hitbox so they're easier to shoot at, then I added a bunch of enemies to the island. They sort of wander about at the moment, I need to work on that later. I also came across a visual error where the water shader somehow goes through the enemies (check below). Eventually I found out that the error wasn't related to the water shader at all, I had another "invisible" ground under the water that was being rendered in front of the enemies lol.

DAY 011 (06/02/2021)

Added the "right click to skip" feature to the game and spent most of my time tweaking scene transition stuff to make everything look smooth. Finished the day by adding in the random screams that play when you drop and the animation of your hands flailing about.

DAY 012 (07/02/2021)

Today I did a BUNCH OF STUFF. I figured out how to have a persistent object in the game which I needed for tracking if the player had been to the gulag or not. I could've used a save/load system for this but pffft as if. Also spent heaps of time working on the gulag level, tweaking things with the gulag AI, mainly the pathfinding to be more random which felt nice. I also added in a bunch of the sound effects today, such as the gulag announcer, the audio clips that play when you wipe enemy teams, and the sniper BANG sound. Big bathroom break (Feat. Chess) today followed by some snacks. After that I added the parachute and freefall thud sounds and added the OG gun reticle. I then added the minimap, which I followed this Brackey's tutorial for. I also added in the option to scroll the mouse wheel to change your sensitivity, doubled the AI move speed and vision radius, finetuned the AI movement a bunch, added healing over time for the player, added the trees into the island, tested the build in HTML for the first time and found out there were TONS of errors that I had to fix. You think I would be done for the night at this point but then I went sicko mode and spent a bunch more time fixing bugs and mucking about with things before going to bed.

DAY 013 (17/02/2021)

I can't remember if I got burnt out or if I was busy with other things but as you can see by the date, it has been a while. I spent the first few hours of today trying to figure out the difference between raycasting in the Unity editor and raycasting in the HTML build. I can't remember what the issue was but I eventually figured it out which is good lol. Spent ages fixing HTML bugs where things weren't spawning correctly, and animations weren't transitioning properly. These were all due to me not understanding the HTML build differences at the time. I finally fixed the island AI movement so that they actually run at you instead of just walking about for a while. I finally busted out my drawing tablet which is a cheap XP-Pen I bought off Amazon for about $15 - $30. I busted it out because I had some new sprites I had to draw for this 3D remaster that weren't needed in the original such as the little 3D in the title screen. After drawing some stuff I spent a while figuring out how to add the Newgrounds API to the game for medals.

DAY 014 (19/02/2021)

Spent the morning setting up the Newgrounds medals with in-game overlays when you unlock them. Spent the rest of the day doing some final tweaks before testing the medals in the HTML build. Once I got all that done I did some Uni work, had dinner, made some final touches, uploaded and uploaded it to Newgrounds.

FINAL NOTES (13/04/2021)

These final notes are so far ahead from the date I uploaded the game is because I hadn't finished working on this website. I ended up being too busy with Uni and found out that later in the trimester we actually had to make a portfolio / website so I decided to hold off finishing the website until then. Now it that time so that's why I'm writing this now.

In the future I plan to have less walls of text and show more images. Or heck, maybe even record devlogs for YouTube with small written devlogs during development. I don't know something like that, anyways hope you enjoyed reading this. Feel free to shoot me a message or email if you have any feed back.